Re: Forbes Binding Decisions Diane Arnold 25 Oct 2002 15:20 UTC

Well, thanks for responding to my questions. I did some more research and
called Forbes again (it is my experience with publishers that if you call
three different reps you'll get three different answers!) and here is what
I found out:

Forbes publishes pretty much whenever they feel like it. The rep today said
she doesn't know the schedule for 2003 yet. She said sometimes ASAP will
appear to replace the regular issue, but not always. That is because ASAP
is published quarterly and may arrive on the same month that Forbes
Magazine only publishes once. This happened in June, when the June 10th
issue was the only regular issue, and then ASAP came dated June 24. She
said that FYI never comes in place of the regular magazine.

My binding problem comes when I think about how a student will look for the
magazine. If they search in firstsearch they will get the "your library
owns" icon, and the citation will not specify ASAP, but will list the

For example, if you look up the article "Chemistry and Charisma" on
firstsearch, you'll get the citation "...Forbes (April 02,2001): 90(2
pages)." Then look up "Revenge of the Horseplayers" and you'll get the
*exact same* citation. The difference between the two articles is that one
is in the ASAP issue and the other is in the regular issue.
Ebsco does better by specifying ASAP.

Thanks again for your input!

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