Possible Scam: Standing Order for OSHA publication Diane Neumeister 30 Oct 2002 19:41 UTC

I had what appeared to be a scam call this morning, so it may be
something other other libraries need to watch out for as well:

The gentleman who called insisted that my library has had a standing
order with his company for a number of years for an OSHA publication.
Alarm bells started ringing when the gentleman answered my request that
he repeat his company's name by trying to confirm the library's shipping
address and to get a P.O. number from me.

He was willing to repeat the publication title but, when I looked it up
in the online catalog and told him that (1) the library does not own any
previous editions of the title and (2) the OSHA publications that the
library DOES own are received as part of the government depository
shipment program, he rather angrily told me he would be canceling the
library's standing order and hung up on me.

Too bad he didn't stay on the line a little longer.  I would have
thanked him for the cancellation of our nonexistent order.  Oh, well.

Wahlert Memorial Library