Possible sideline (RE: Possible Scam: Standing Order for OSHA publication) Rick Anderson 30 Oct 2002 21:04 UTC

> He was willing to repeat the publication title but, when I looked it up
> in the online catalog and told him that (1) the library does not own any
> previous editions of the title and (2) the OSHA publications that the
> library DOES own are received as part of the government depository
> shipment program, he rather angrily told me he would be canceling the
> library's standing order and hung up on me.

You know, this could be a potentially lucrative sideline for librarians.
Anyone want to go in with me on a start-up venture?  I'm thinking we could
sell subscriptions to government documents.  The best approach would be to
sell them online-only, I think.  In exchange for $50 per year we will grant
the user unlimited access to the complete array of online government
documents.  As an added-value service we'll take their orders by credit
card, thus relieving them of the burden of dealing with those pesky annual
renewal notices...

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