Re: Serials Solutions and WebVoyage Janice Ouellette 23 Dec 2002 20:42 UTC

Thanks to all who responded. A solution to our problem was suggested,
tested, it works! What a wonderful, responsive list.

(Now, if we could only collectively solve this Faxon/Rowecom mess....)

Take care everyone,
Jan Ouellette

Janice Ouellette wrote:

> Hello all,
> We are an Endeavor Voyage site just getting up and running with Serials
> Solutions. Links from Serials Solutions are not connecting at the
> journal level (to display holdings information).  Is there something
> within SysAdmin we should turn on/off to make the link work?  We are
> currently on 2000.1.3 version.
> Any suggestions/comments cheerfully accepted.
> Thank you,
> Janice Ouellette