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Re: Percon Barcode Scanner used for Inhouse statistics Ian Woodward 03 Dec 2002 13:38 UTC

I assume that you are referring to their portable barcode reader, no?  We
did at one time make use of this device for the collection of use
statistics and still make use of it for general inventory.  One difficulty
you find with such an implement is that the Innopac system may freeze as
you are attempting to download your collected data.  In such
circumstances, the data you have collected is lost. Also, the circulation
statistics function credits the collected data to the time at which you
downloaded the data, not the time at which it was input into the portable
scanner. If the monthly statistics are salient to you, you must remember
to download your data within the month you collected it.

Our institution used to make use of barcodes on shelf labels in a matter
similar to that referred to by Mr. Lester.  In addition to the troubles
noted above, these labels disappear.  Our student workers do not typically
manifest the initiative to actually inform the staff of anomalies and
impediments such as this.  We thus removed these labels and relegated the
portable reader to tasks of inventory control.

At this point, we have a print title list kept in some big honkin'
looseleaf binders.  For each title, there is a barcode attached to a dummy
item record which functions as a deposit for use statistics.  Mr. Lester's
system requires such a dummy record as well.  Before shelving, our student
workers arrange the mass to be shelved in alphabetical order and then
locate the barcode for each title in the register, making one stroke
across the appropriate barcode for each item of a particular title to be

Lists such as this do require maintenance.  New titles have to be added.
Also, one does need to make discretionary annotations to instruct student
workers as to which barcode to use when title changes render such
ambiguous.  If you need details on the manufacture of such a list, I can
provide them.  Best of Luck, IW

I. Woodward
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From: Alice Wong [mailto:amywonga@HKUCC.HKU.HK]
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002 1:55 AM
Subject: Percon Barcode Scanner used for Inhouse statistics

Dear Colleagues,

        May I share your wisdom on using the Percon Barcode Scanner to
        collect inhouse use statistics of the serial collection? Our
        serial collection is put to open shelves and non-circulating. We
        use the Innopac system, not the millennium yet. Grateful if you
        will enlighten me on:

1. How do you collect the inhouse use statistics?
2. How well does the Percon to be used with the Innopac system?
3. How reports can be generated? From Innopac? Or by

Any hints or comments will highly be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Alice Wong
Serials Department
University of Hong Kong Libraries