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Re: Cataloging IEEE electronic proceedings Frieda Rosenberg 09 Dec 2002 19:40 UTC

I've seen this, and it worked in reality, so thought I'd pass it on...
You can create serial records without multiple URLS for IEEE

Some records use the "IEEEexplore" URL in combination with a suggested
search strategy in $z, which would work to retrieve all conferences with
the same title:

856 41 ... $u $z
Search: [title keywords]

Frieda Rosenberg, UNC-Chapel Hill

Lisa O'Hara wrote:

> <snip>
> catalogued the electronic journals without a problem but are having trouble
> with the proceedings (mostly the sheer quantity of them!).
> With the print, we tended to use a  serial record whenever possible. But,
> because of the way that the IEEE site has a separate URL for each year, we
> would need to add an 856 for each year to which we have access.  This would
> make the serial record impossibly long and our system (DRA Classic) can't
> handle it.  .....