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Reminder--NETSL Award for Excellence in Library Technical Services (Karen Matthews) Marcia Tuttle 10 Dec 2002 19:46 UTC

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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 12:20:10 -0500
From: Karen Matthews <kmatthew@ZOO.UVM.EDU>
Subject: Reminder--NETSL Award for Excellence in Library Technical  Services

Just a reminder the deadline for nominations for the NETSL Award is
approaching.  If you know someone that you would like to nominate, please
send the information to Christina Bellinger.  Thanks you.


New England Technical Services Librarians (NETSL) is seeking nominations
for the third annual NETSL Award for Excellence in Library Technical Services.

The NETSL Award recognizes and honors significant New England-based
contributions to the field of library technical services. Such
contributions may have been made in New England itself by librarians from
throughout the United States, or nationally by librarians residing in New
England, through publications, service, or innovations in practice.

The NETSL Executive Board members select a recipient based on nominations
received, at their February meeting. If none of the nominees in a given
year are deemed worthy, the Board reserves the right to suspend the Award
for that year.

The next NETSL Award will be presented at the annual NETSL spring
conference at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. in April,

Eligibility for nomination is as follows:

-- Nominees may be NETSL/NELA (New England Library Association) members,
but membership in the association is not a requirement.

-- A nomination must be accompanied by a written statement that includes
the rationale for nomination and, if a resume of the nominee is not
appended, a narrative summary of the nominee's career and achievements.
Provision of a resume, if available, is strongly recommended.

-- Nominations may be made by NETSL members, as well as by non-members.

-- Nominations and statement(s) must be postmarked no later than January
10, 2003, and must be received by the NETSL Vice-President no later than
January 15.

-- Librarians who are current members of the NETSL Executive Board are not
eligible for consideration.

-- Nominees shall have made contributions to library technical services in
one or more of the following areas:

1. Leadership in professional associations at local, state, regional or
national level;
2. Contributions to the development, application or utilization of new or
improved formats, methods, techniques and routines;
3. Significant contribution to professional literature;
4. Conduct of studies or research in the technical services.

The award recipient will receive an elegant certificate containing an
inscription recognizing his/her special contribution to the field.

Please send nominations and inquiries to:

Christina Bellinger
NETSL Vice-President/President-Elect
Dimond Library
Head, Cataloging Unit
University of New Hampshire
Durham NH, 03824
(603) 862-0073