OCLC's ECO Print Subscriber Program Gloria Slaughter 13 Dec 2002 14:54 UTC

Hello all,

For a few years now our library has subscribed to online access for several
journals through the Print Subscriber Program available through OCLC's
Electronic Collections Online. This has been an easy way to provide electronic
access for a relatively low cost along with archival access.
This year three publishers (that I am aware of) who were participating in the
Print Subscriber Program are now accessing additional fees (10% of the print
subscription) to participate. As an example, it would have cost us an
additional $950 to subscribe for online access for one publisher for 2003.

I am wondering what other libraries are doing about this. Are you paying the
additional money in order to provide access?

Instead of going through ECO, it seems like we are being forced to make
agreements with each publisher, a nightmare? What incentive do we now have to
maintain our online access through ECO?


Gloria Slaughter
Technical Services Librarian
Van Wylen Library
Hope College
53 Graves Pl.
Holland, MI 49423
(616) 395-7793