Kluwer titles -- Connie Foster Stephen Clark 27 Feb 2003 17:45 UTC

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:12:02 -0600
From: Connie Foster <connie.foster@wku.edu>
Organization: Western Kentucky University
Subject: Kluwer titles

I find the recent Kluwer policy for online access quite intriguing and
almost ineffective. We received notification that Kluwer's new online
access model for print with the current year of online access free will
be limited to a single workstation IP address. This model is certainly
of little value to us and may as well not exist. We will keep our print
subscription and drop the link to online access from both our online
catalog bibliographic record and from our e-journals page. I cannot
imagine other libraries being able to relegate and identify for users
THE workstation from which they must access a Kluwer online title.

If I am really missing something here, I will gladly remain in a
learning and understanding mode. I believe, too, that this represents a
very disturbing trend on the part of several publishers recently to pull
out their content from aggregator services  or to complicate further our
access options.

Connie Foster, Western Kentucky University Libraries


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