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I have suppressed bib records entitled: 'toss' and 'put on hold shelf' with the 'gift' titles as alternate titles.  Thus when any staff enters the title, they know what to do with it.

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Dear Theresa

What we try to do with gift subscriptions is imagine if we would want them if we
had to pay for them.  If the answer is 'yes' then we give them the full
catalogue and check in treatment.  If the answer is 'no' then we discard them.
If the answer is 'no but they are of some interest' then we give them a 'display
and discard' status and put them out for a week with the current serials
display.  It's useful to keep in some format the decisions you make on these
titles so you don't have to keep remaking them.


"Tuscano, Theresa" wrote:

> Please excuse me if this topic has been covered before but I'm fairly new to
> the list; I became the periodicals assistant last fall after being in
> circulation for over 18 years.  I'd like to know what other people do about
> gift subscriptions that you receive from publishers.  We get a number of
> them including Spin, Vibe, Men's Health. The most recent addition is GQ.
> One magazine I contacted said we were getting the complementary subscription
> as part of their Waiting Room Subscription Service.  Do you check in and
> catalogue these titles or do you just put them out in a lounge or reading
> area for people to read?  Since I don't have any idea of how long we will be
> receiving these titles, I don't particularly want to go through the trouble
> of cataloguing them.  I'd appreciate hearing what others do with them.
> Thanks for your input.
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