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Final call: NASIG Mentoring Program Carole R. Bell 14 May 2003 14:06 UTC

If you are planning to attend the NASIG Annual conference in Portland in
June, please consider participating in our Mentoring program for
first-timers to the NASIG Conference. Please see the information and forms
at the following URL:

The program is offered to first-timers to the NASIG Conference who would
like to have someone to help them manuver the conference. It is an easy,
wonderful way to meet  colleagues and share your knowledge with
others.  The only requirement to be a mentee is attendence at the NASIG
conference. For mentors, we ask that you have attended at least one
previous NASIG conference and are willing to meet with your mentee at the
conference and take a few minutes to contact them before the
conference.  Everyone should  try to attend the  First-timers Reception on
Thursday at 3:30.

The deadline for Applications will be Friday, May 16th.  After we receive
your applications, we will contact you with the name of your partner and
guidelines.  This program has worked successfully for several years and we
look forward to your participation this year.  If you cannot access the
Website and forms, please contact me and I'll send you an e-mail
form.  Carole Bell <> & Alice Tucker <>,
Co-chairs, Nasig Mentoring Program, CEC.

Carole R. Bell
Head, Acquisitions Dept.
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Philadelphia, PA 19122

voice:  215-204-3275
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