Re: EBSCOhost Rosemary Weeks 02 Sep 2003 17:09 UTC

Anne Frohlich wrote:
> Are you talking about the Ebscohost databases or the Ebscohost EJS?
> We have the Ebscohost databases and A to Z as well as many other
> full text > databases.  I had to do a lot of customization of A to Z
> to make it correct for our databases.  But now it points to what we have
> in full text.

We take the Ebscohost ejs and A to Z as well as other full text
databases and hope that we can pull all these titles into the A-Z for
easy management. We would also like the links to appear in our
catalogue. Richard Steeden from Ebsco came to show us what
these products can do but I can see that there is a fair amount of
work involved in setting it up. That you have managed it gives me

Thank you


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