Reminder: Digital Licensing Online Course Kim Nayyer 09 Sep 2003 02:56 UTC

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**Reminder: Digital Licensing Online - Begins Soon** is pleased to announce its second
offering of a unique online course on Digital

Dates: September 22 2003 to November 20 2003
Fee: US$ 99.00

The course is designed for information professionals
who wish to learn more about licensing digital and
online content - such as periodicals, databases and
images - without attending a seminar. The target
audience includes librarians, archivists, publishers,
photographers, web site owners, content developers,
and those in museums, educational institutions and

Participants will receive three e-lessons per week for
nine weeks; each e-lesson has a self-marking quiz.
Participants also will have access to an exclusive
discussion list on the course content.

This course is designed by Lesley Ellen Harris, author
of several books and workshops on copyright and
digital licensing. For further information on Lesley
and her work, see:

Course topics will include: * The concept of digital
licensing * Developing a licensing strategy * Global
aspects of licensing * Key concepts in licensing
arrangements * Key clauses * Boiler plate clauses *
Tips in negotiating licenses * Managing licenses

For registration and course details, visit:

For further information, email