Re: SERIALST Digest - 3 Oct 2003 to 6 Oct 2003 (#2003-185) Kate Hood 07 Oct 2003 15:17 UTC

Here at Guilford College we continue to maintain a print holdings list,
which is now updated once per year rather than twice.  I keep it
electronically as a Word document and make changes immediately there when
they occur (one of several places that a change must be reflected).  I do
updates monthly, which are filed in the binders as an addendum.  Patrons
use it, as I do when assisting them.

One other good use for this list, which is in binders throughout the
library for patrons, comes into play when we are shifting in the stacks.  I
can tell for sure which titles we are still receiving (even if they are
quite delayed, for instance), because when they cease or we cancel I close
them in the list.  It is much simpler and faster to use this alphabetic
list to judge space needs than a laptop while weaving through the shelves.

I expect to keep the list indefinitely.

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