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Kamkin did not go out of business, it was evicted from one of several store
sites. Kamkin has continued to maintain all of its other store sites. No
materials were destroyed, the books were all placed in libraries. We have
continued to do business with them. I don't know the actual reason why they
were evicted, and don't remember ever having read it.

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I'm still curious about this. Using google, I found a Kamkin website which
implies to me that it is still in business:
phone 301 990 4010  fax  301 990 4822  Located: 220 Girard St., Suite 1,
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

So are people still doing business with Kamkin, or not? The website has a
copyright date 2003.

In March, 2002, there were stories in the Washington Post (see their
archives) about rent paying problems, causing a possible destruction of
books, which I think did not happen. The stories at that time said the
company was located in Rockville, MD. The google search also turns up items
about an earlier lawsuit concerning company and stock ownership.

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