Subscription agent obligations Emmanuel COLLIER 12 Nov 2003 10:24 UTC


in my public library, i'm recently in charge of the development of
access to electronic publications.  We have subscribed a contract with
Ebsco for all our subscriptions, paper and electronic.

I would like to now if Ebsco has to manage our accesses  to the
journals or if it's my job to do it.  I red severals articles about it,
mainly americans and they deal with the idea that it could be the role
of the subscription agent.  On the other way, i've found sources that
say it's the role of the serial librarian to do it...  I'm a little bit
lost !

What is your experience with subscription agent with the question of
electronic access management of journals ?

Thanks a lot in advance

Emmanuel Collier
Pôle Science et Société
Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie
Avenue Corentin Carriou, Paris