Kluwer Law Journals (Sadri Saieb) Marcia Tuttle 20 Nov 2003 17:29 UTC

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Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 12:30:41 +0100
From: Sadri Saieb <Sadri.Saieb@ISDC-DFJP.UNIL.CH>
Subject: Kluwer Law Journals


I have just (19/11/03) monitored the websites of Kluwer Law International
and Kluwer Academic publishers and this is a brief statement of these
collections :

For Kluwer Law International /ASPEN : 54 titles
18 current titles always published by KLI
28 current titles no longer published by KLI (not updated and liable to be
removed from the website by the end of the year)
3 print and electronic ceased titles (European Journal of Law Reform,
Journal of International Insurance & Review of Central & Eastern European Law)
4 titles are still under negotiation (Arab Law Quarterly, Asia Pacific
Journal of Environmental Law, Asia Pacific Law Review & Journal of
International Wildlife Law and Policy)
1 title with contradictory informations : International Children's Rights
Monitor (Sold to Brill or still under negotiation ?)

For Kluwer Academic publishers : we had selected 29 law-related titles in
our directory.
22 current titles always published by KAP
5 print and electronic ceased titles or published as a yearbook*(European
Journal for Education Law and Policy, Expert Evidence, International
Peacekeeping*, Notarius International & Space Debris)
2 current titles no longer published by KAP (Acta juridica hungarica &
Negotiation International)

For the concerned members, I have an excel and/or a MS Word document with
all the details (electronic holdings, names of the new publishers...) that
I can emailed.

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