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EBSCONET Celia Perez 21 Nov 2003 19:56 UTC

Hello everyone,

I hope I'm not asking something that's been asked a hundred times before, but here goes.  I recently took over as serials librarian for our library (after the retirement of our department head, who oversaw serials for MANY years) and am trying to make sense of everything this entails.  We receive most of our print publications through EBSCO, but up to this point dealing with management of our subscriptions has been done by paper or telephone.  I am thinking about using EBSCONET, but wanted to know if anyone here has had experience with the system and what thoughts you have about it--strengths, drawbacks, etc.

You can email to the list or email me personally if you wish.  Thank you in advance for your help.

celia perez

Celia C. Perez, Librarian
Harold Washington College
30 E. Lake St., Chicago, IL 60601
312-553-5635; fax 312-553-5783