OG (aka Organic Gardening) Griffis, Deborah 29 Jan 2004 15:43 UTC

I am wondering how other libraries that shelve their serials alphabetically are handling the problem of Organic Gardening (now forever stuck with the title "OG" - probably one of the worst title change decisions ever made!).  I understand the theory of fewer new records, which motivated the new cataloging rules, and it's a great solution for publishers who waffle back and forth and can't seem to decide whether they want their publication to be called by its name or its acronym!  But how do we handle a title where the publisher states in one of their issues that they made a mistake in changing their title, and now want to be known forever after as the previous title?  For us, it means we have to slap an "OG" label on every issue, so our shelvers know where to put it.  Now we have received the 2003 microfilm from ProQuest - yep, it came in 2 boxes, on 2 separate reels!  Jan-Apr 2003 is labeled O G, May-Dec 2003 is labeled Organic Gardening.  I guess we'll be relabeling microfilm forever.  I feel like writing to Rodale and suggesting that they change their name to something totally different - how about going back to Rodale's Organic Gardening for a while? - so we can do a true title change.  Then if they want to be called Organic Gardening, in a few months they can change it again, and we will have to accommodate them, because after all, it's a change in the first five words!  Does anyone else share my frustration?  Thanks for allowing me the chance to vent!

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