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considerations with moving to electronic journals Bolton, Karen S. 19 Feb 2004 19:23 UTC

We are a small engineering library, and we are considering canceling a good
percentage of our print titles from a particular
society (this happens to be IEEE) in favor of acquiring these titles, plus
many more, from the society as a package.

So far, this looks like a good deal. Faculty have used and like the trial we
have.  The cost of the package is lower than the print
prices we are paying.

Obviously, we will save $ on binding, checking in, and processing these. We
will have more shelf space.

I am not sure of the ILL implications of going this way--that is next on my

I have not seen on the website whether IEEE uses any standards for supplying
use statistics--does anyone who uses IEEE Explore have
any thoughts on how this has worked for them?

Do you do anything special when you launch something like this, in terms of

I would be very glad to hear from any IEEE Explore customers, as well as
people who have made a similar cutover, about the pros
and cons and any pitfalls to be avoided.

Thanks, you guys!

Karen Bolton
Serials Librarian

Milwaukee School of Engineering
Walter Schroeder Library
1025 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI