ACRL Effective Practices Clearinghouse Jo Davies 01 Mar 2004 19:30 UTC

ACRL's Effective Practices Clearinghouse

The Association of College & Research Libraries' (ACRL) Effective Practices
Committee is accepting submissions for its web-based clearinghouse for
effective practices in academic libraries.  The Effective Practices web
site can be found at The clearinghouse
will document practices from all areas of academic libraries; we're looking
for examples of procedures or tools that have been developed to (for
example) streamline workflow, solve problems or improve services.

An effective practice is:

·     aligned with the library's and parent organization's mission
·     sustainable, cost-effective and has the potential for long-term
impact on the library and its constituents

An effective practice has:

·     outcomes that are measurable
·     some degree of transferability

Effective practices can be submitted at

Practices are then reviewed to see if they meet the criteria listed above.

Once accepted, ACRL will post the practice on the web site and send the

submitting library a letter acknowledging its contribution to the Effective

Practices clearinghouse.

As more effective practices are submitted and the clearinghouse grows,

academic librarians looking for ideas to improve specific practices in

their own libraries or just shopping for good ideas will be able to browse

by category and search by keyword.

Please take a look at the effective practices already on the page and
consider submitting your own effective practice.  If you have questions,
feel free to contact Gordon Aamot, Chair of the Effective Practices
Committee at or 206-616-6431.