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Applied Economics Quarterly (Konjunkturpolitik) Masha Sapp 31 Mar 2004 20:08 UTC

Has anyone else come across a title change for this journal? Originally
it was a German-language journal w/brief English abstracts (OCLC#:
1783320; ISSN: 0023-3498). The OCLC record remains open (1954-9999).
However, I've got (what appears to be) a title/language change: Applied
Economics Quarterly (Konjunkturpolitik), ISSN: 1611-6607. Item-in-hand
is Vol. 49, no. 2 (2003), which fits in with the original numbering.
This new (?) version is entirely in English, though. Both are published
by Dunker & Humblot in Berlin, but they seem to have different people on
their editorial boards. Applied Economics Quarterly doesn't have an OCLC

Is Applied Economics Quarterly superseding the German-language
Konjunkturpolitik, or could it be a parallel English-language
publication of some sort? Any clues would be greatly appreciated... I'm
new to serials cataloging.


Masha Sapp

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