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Re: Title changes and Voyager processes redhead 02 Apr 2004 12:45 UTC

With Voyager, you must approve a Purchase Order to attach to an invoice. Once
the PO is approved you can not make changes.  Because of this (and other
things) we only have one serial title on a PO.

When we discover a title change, a new PO is copied from the old one, the new
line item is added and the old one deleted.  The new serials check-in
component is added to that PO and then the old one deleted from the old PO
before completing the old PO.

For more information see
The graphics are out of date, but the basic information is the same.

>===== Original Message From "SERIALST: Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum"
>This is a question for those using the Voyager system.
>We are wanting to make our processes as efficient as possible (don't
>we all!)
>and title changes are under the spotlight.
>The Voyager manual is very brief on the subject and as we have only
>been live since January we are rather green.
>This is what we are planning to do and I'd appreciate your comments
>or suggestions.
>1. Serial issue arrives at check-in and a change of title is noticed
>2. They pass it to cataloguing staff to determine whether it is a
>title change according to AACR rules.
>3. If new, then cataloguing staff would close our holdings, enter 780
>& 785 linking tags and make a new bib. record and MFHD for the new
>4. When it comes back to serials they close the component pattern and
>'cancel' the line item
>5. Serials adds a new line on the same PO and links it to the new
>bib. record, then creates a new component and selects a pattern.
>Many thanks
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