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Re: Reply to "JSTOR Images" Marshall, Susan 22 Apr 2004 14:55 UTC

   You aren't referrring to ARTstor's images are you?  ARTstor is the new
image database that
Jstor is starting in July with 300,000 images and finishing with 500,000 in
Jan of 2006.

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Our art department is not satisfied with the digital images in JSTOR, or in
other online databases either for that matter.  We have chosen to continue
our art titles in print, and continue to add new art titles in print format
(selecting print/online where possible).  This is one area where for the
time being we accept print/electronic duplication, since of course everyone
wants online access to articles.  We'll be watching for inprovement in the
quality of digital images, and re-think our formats in the future as we see
improvement.  For now, we have a lot of art students in the library!  Dianne

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