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Re: A & I Database title overlap program? Holman Jenifer S 11 May 2004 18:27 UTC

We use a Microsoft Access database to compare A&I holdings.  One of the
"canned" queries in Access (find unmatched query wizard) compares two
tables (I use ISSN as the comparison) and returns all the titles in one
table that aren't in another.  The wizard runs you through all the steps
and works great - as long as the vendor data is great!

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    I am trying to find out if there is a program available that will
run a
comparison of titles indexed between two index and abstract databases.
This can be used as a collection development tool. For example, we
would like to know what percentage of overlap occurs between
the Anthropological Index Online and InfoTrac's OneFile.

I realize that other factors need to be considered when camparing
databases of this nature such as how a database is indexed, but for
a rough estimate of overlap it would be nice to have...

Anyone know of a tool that can do this?

Sue Marshall
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