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criteria for weeding serials collection Beck, Sheila 13 May 2004 15:15 UTC

Here is a summary of the criteria suggested for weeding serials collections.
The items are in no particular order.
1.       usage statistics
2.       currency of material
3.       physical condition of journals (age/bound/unbound)
4.       completeness of holdings- short runs are better candidates for
5.       shelf space occupied vs. use of periodicals
6.       overlaps with microfilm
7.       support of the curriculum -is the subject still taught?
8.       availability of full text in databases
9.       stability of database (JSTOR & Project Muse vs. EBSCO)
10.   availability of title elsewhere
11.   whether the journal is indexed
12.   ILL requests
13.   faculty input
14.   best practices from subject specialist
15.   recommendations in Magazines for Libraries by Bill Katz for subject
16.   items for preservation/storage dated 1900 and previous
17.   historical value for research

Thanks to all of you who responded.

Sheila Beck
Serials Librarian
Queensborough  Community College