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Panel discussion presented by the ALCTS-SS Research Libraries Discussion


Stephen Bosch     Materials Budget, Procurement and Licensing Librarian
                            University of Arizona
Paul Kohberger    Head of Technical Services, University Library System
                            University of Pittsburgh
Dan Tonkery        Director of Development
                            Ebsco Information Services
Dena Schoen        Regional Manager, North America
                            Otto Harrassowitz

 Facilitated by Gracemary Smulewitz, Discussion Group Chair

The explosion of electronic publishing has made a tremendous impact in
the world of serials.  Academic libraries today are in a time of
transition, navigating choices between print, print/online, and
online-only subscriptions; these choices are further complicated by
factors such as bundling and access restrictions.  Vendors serve as
intermediaries between publishers and libraries.  What are everyone's
expectations for today and tomorrow?

The ALCTS-SS Research Libraries Discussion Group is holding a panel
discussion on "Publishers, Vendors, and Libraries: The Chain of Customer
Service" so that we may address these issues.  Topics for discussion

    * The economic relationships between publishers and vendors, and
      their impact on libraries
    * Vendors' challenges in managing subscriptions (print,
      print/online, and online-only)
    * Libraries' need for additional services and vendors' development
      of these services

Please join us in Salon 11 of the Rosen Center Hotel on Saturday, June
26th from 9:30-11:00 am.

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Mathematics & Computer Science Librarian

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