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ALA report Renette Davis 02 Aug 2004 15:47 UTC

I had to give a report on ALA to our Cataloging Forum, and have put my
notes on our library website for anyone who wasn't able to attend, or who
attended ALA but wasn't able to get to all of the meetings you wanted to
cover, or who might also have to give some kind of report. It covers the
following meetings:

Committee to Study Serials Cataloging, including the Saturday business
meeting and the Monday meeting where Regina Reynolds gave a presentation on
Good Enough Cataloging: Not Bad, Not Ugly; Ed Jones gave a presentation on
The FRBR Model as Applied to Serials; and Barbara Tillett gave a
presentation on AACR3: Resource Description and Access.

A meeting of the Machine Assisted Reference Section of the Reference & User
Services Association on Outsourcing MARC records for electronic serials,
which included SerialsSolutions and SFX MARCit.

The LITA/MARC Formats Interest Group meeting where Frieda Rosenberg spoke
about the Serial Super Record.

CC:DA meetings where they talked about AACR3 and Cataloging Cultural Objects.

The PCC Meeting where Les Hawkins talked about the CONSER Summit, Regina
Reynolds talked about ISSN Revision, and Valerie Bross talked about the
CONSER task group to look into using title level DOIs for URIs in CONSER

The report is available at:

If anyone sees anything that should be corrected, please let me know.

Renette Davis
Head, Serials & Digital Resources Cataloging
University of Chicago Library