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Re: Easy publication question Frieda Rosenberg (20 Aug 2004 14:55 UTC)

Re: Easy publication question Frieda Rosenberg 20 Aug 2004 14:55 UTC

Depends on the system!  Few systems, I think, have implemented the
latest additional provisions for prediction which give you an easier way
to combine months as you describe than the old way which demanded
specifying each month..

In MARC terms, you would now use a 853 subfield y with the code
"c"(combined) to specify which months are combined.  But I don't know
what your system interface is, so perhaps your best source of
information is another library with that system.

Frieda Rosenberg
UNC-Chapel Hill (serials=text based Innopac going to Millennium in '05)

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>Subject: easy publication question
>Good Friday Morning,
>Here is an easy question for anyone. How do you predict check-ins for a
>title that is published monthly, except combined issues in July/Aug and
>Dec/Jan. I know I can omit the second month, but what if I want to
>display the 2 months. Is it best to NOT predict these and
>then check them in?
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