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Call for nominations Anne Moore 27 Aug 2004 15:05 UTC

Do you know the next Samuel Lazerow Fellowship Award Winner?

ACRL is committed to celebrating the achievements of academic and research
librarians through the presentation of awards, grants, and fellowships.

The Samuel Lazerow Fellowship for Research in Collections and Technical
Services_ in Academic and Research Libraries, a citation and $1000
sponsored by Thomson Scientific, seeks to foster advances in collections or
technical services by providing fellowships to librarians for travel or
writing in those fields.  Research projects in the compilation of
bibliographies are ineligible for this award.

Proposals will be judged with an emphasis on:

   Potential significance of the project to acquisitions or technical
   services work;
   Originality and creativity;
   Clarity and completeness of the proposal;
   Evidence of an interest in scholarship shown by previous publications

ACRL members are an integral part of the awards process. Please consider
nominating a colleague who has influenced your thinking, practice, and
growth as an academic or research librarian.

Deadlines for nominations is December 3, 2004.  Complete information about
ACRL's Awards Program is on the ACRL Web site (, click on

Please forward this to other individuals or groups who may be interested.


Anne Moore, Chair
Samuel Lazerow Fellowship Award Committee