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Re: Claim Letter Sample Linda Grooms 30 Aug 2004 13:23 UTC

When we are claiming directly to a publisher on a paid subscription we
use this form:

We subscribe to (TITLE) and are paid through (DATE), as a result of our
payment of your invoice number (INVOICE NUMBER).

Our records, and a search of our shelves, indicate we have not received
the (VOLUME/ISSUE NO, DATE) issue. If we should have received it by now,
please send a replacement copy, as we will not be able to bind this
volume until it is complete. If this issue has not shipped yet, please
provide an expected date, so I can update my records and avoid untimely

Thank you for your assistance in helping us maintain a complete

When we are claiming a free publication we use this form:

(NAME OF LIBRARY) has been on your complimentary mailing list for some
time and we appreciate receiving your publication, (TITLE).

A review of our records, and a search of our shelves, indicate that we
have not received the issue listed below. We will not be able to process
this volume for binding until we have all issues.


Our mailing address is:


Your assistance in our effort to complete this volume will be

Linda Grooms
Periodicals Supervisor
duPont-Ball Library
Stetson University

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From: Olatunde, Kaia [mailto:kolatunde@THELENREID.COM]
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 5:02 PM
Subject: [SERIALST] Claim Letter Sample

Can anyone send me a sample of a claim letter they use to claim missing
issues?  I'll gladly take more than one!

Thank you!