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Course Announcement: Online Copyright Courses Kim Nayyer 09 Aug 2004 08:18 UTC

(Cross-posted; please excuse duplication.)

This Fall 2004, is pleased to offer
two new courses -- �Managing Copyright Issues� and
�U.S. Copyright Law�.  �Canadian and International
Copyright Law� will also be re-offered.

Need to learn more about copyright law but never seem
to have the time to attend a course or read an entire
book on the topic? Let these practical online courses
guide you through the �copyright maze� to provide you
with a strong understanding of copyright basics and
managing your copyright issues.

These are 8 week courses, comprising 16 lessons, which
are e-mailed directly to you. To make sure you�re
paying attention, there will be a quiz following each
lesson and a final quiz once the course is complete.

Further information and registration is at or e-mail

Kind regards,
Amritha for Kim Nayyer