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Re: Other Check-in Considerations barbara trumpinski-roberts 13 Aug 2004 13:50 UTC

I am just one department library of 44 at the University of
Illinois in Urbana.  I don't use a barcode to check in
serials.  I do, however, have part of a graduate assistant to
check in some of the 1,500+ titles that we receive in this
department library (agricultural, consumer and environmental

I am fortunate in that the person I replaced had set up an
access database for check in, so I don't have to use the

Once we get the Voyager serials module working, this may

Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts
Funk ACES Library UIUC

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>Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 11:22:26 EDT
>From: Bill Cohen <BCohen7719@AOL.COM>
>Subject: Re: [SERIALST] Other Check-in Considerations
>Relating to the note below about using a work-study student
>for serials check-in's:   the new book Introduction to
Serials Work
>for Library Technicians (Haworth Press, 2004) is just off-
press this week.
>In addition:   does anyone know what % of libraries use bar
>scanning for serials check-in work?    Haworth's journals are
>all bar-coded for swiping a "wand" over the backcover.    Is
>bar-code swiping not very common in libraries?
>With kind regards,
>Bill Cohen, Publisher
>The Haworth Press, Inc.
>In a message dated 8/12/04 10:33:24 AM,
kovelesk@SETONHILL.EDU writes:
>> I hesitated to add anything to this discussion, but I have
seen nothing
>> about the questions of accreditation.  The last time we
were reviewed - just a
>> year ago - the team member visiting the library asked me
what was the one
>> thing that I would like to tell the rest of the team.  By
the way, he was a
>> librarian.  I told him that they should give us more
credit for electronic access
>> to journals instead of focusing on the size of the print
collection.  He
>> agreed and then when the team report that was one of the
things that they
>> criticized, that our print collection was too small.  So
until that scenario
>> changes, which I hope will be soon, we will still be
carefully maintaining our print
>> collection.
>> Also, in regard to time spent on check-in, I wondered why
a librarian or
>> other staff member is handling all of this?  With our
automated system, this is
>> something I train a work-study student to do.  Then I only
have to deal with
>> the exceptions and problems.  Seems pretty efficient to me.
>> Judith A. Koveleskie
>> Periodicals Librarian
>> Seton Hill University
>> Reeves Memorial Library
>> Greensburg, PA 15601
>> 724-838-7828
>Bill Cohen, Publisher
>The Haworth Press, Inc.
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>Binghamton, New York 13904
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