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Core Journal Info Thanks Lois Schultz 20 Jan 2005 13:16 UTC

A few weeks ago I posted a question on criteria for determining core
journals.  Thanks to all who responded. I was asked by three or four
individuals to post the information I received.  So here is a summary of
the replies.

1.      It is a topic that has interest.  Two individuals requested that
an article be written.
2.      There are several different processes being used, the only
processes that were noted more than once were Katz's Magazines for
Libraries, citation reports and input from the teaching faculty.
3.      Some specific disciplines have a core list or a list that is
being used as a core list, i.e. Most Cited Legal Periodicals.
4.      Ulrich's Serials Analysis system
5.      Local use
6.      Holdings at benchmark institutions

At Northern Kentucky University we have also looked at what is required
by accrediting agencies

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