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Allen Press, BioOne - questions weeks@UPEI.CA 21 Mar 2005 19:28 UTC

Good afternoon,

We are attempting to link to online access for some of our Allen Press publications
and have received some conflicting information.

It would appear to me that BioOne is a database that you can only purchase
complete access to, am I  correct in that you can't connect for a particular

We have established online access to the publisher sites for Journal of Mammalogy
and Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. We use serials solutions  to manage
our electronic holdings but at present, these two publications are not listed in the
single publications lists and the publisher site APT (Allen Press) online is for
abstracts only - I am not sure why it is even listed on serials solutions.
Now for the question, has any one else using serials solutions been able to add
these two titles to their listing.

David J. Weeks