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help needed for full-text article Thomas, Susan Elaine 23 Jun 2005 19:42 UTC

I have a faculty member who seems to have stumbled upon another quirk
with full-text access to an EBSCO Academic Search Premiere title, Media
& Methods.  He is trying to access the following article:

Filmmaking in the Classroom: Cameras & Editing Cameras & Editing
Equipment. By: Theodosakis, Nikos. Media & Methods, May/Jun2004, Vol. 40
Issue 6, p6, 1p; (AN 13466687)

The article is actually continued on page 8 where the page is shared
with another article: Graphic Design Class Uses Remote Mentorship. By:
Hewett, Larry. Media & Methods, May/Jun2004, Vol. 40 Issue 6, p8, 1p;
(AN 13466689)

EBSCO only provides access to one page of the article as listed in the
citation and not the rest of the article on page 8.  We were able to
access the rest of the article by pulling up the second citation.

The faculty would like to confirm that he has the entire article, page 6
and page 8, as there are no additional citations listed for page 7.  We
suspect that page 7 is either advertisement or part of the article that
did not get scanned.  The PDF file of the article for page 6 also shows
a huge blank spot that looks like it might have contained additional
information and was somehow deleted.  It is entirely possibly this is
just a graphic layout for page 6.  I am hoping to find a willing person
who has a print subscription to Media & Methods to check the print copy,
May/June 2004 issue to see what page 6 and 7 contain.  If there is text
and/or other missing information, we can obtain a print copy through
interlibrary loan.

I also wondered if anyone else has encountered similar problems with
full-text articles.  This is the first time I have seen this specific

Thank you,


Susan E. Thomas
Head of Collection Development
Schurz Library
Indiana University South Bend
(574) 520-5500

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