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Project MUSE News: 2006 Pricing/Title Information Available Melanie Schaffner 01 Aug 2005 20:27 UTC

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Project MUSE® is pleased to announce more than 30 new journals are
confirmed to date for inclusion in its online journal collections for
2006. Among the new titles are several from the Edinburgh University
Press, which is new to Project MUSE. MUSE is excited to be adding
Edinburgh to its list of 60 not-for-profit presses whose journals have
been selected for the collections. Subscription pricing details and
lists of titles included in the 2006 MUSE collections are now available
on our web site, and may be accessed from the 2006 Subscription Plans
and Pricing overview at

As announced at the ALA Annual Conference in June, Project MUSE is
introducing a new collection in 2006, the Premium Collection. (Please
see for
details.) With many new journals seeking to join MUSE, this collection
allows MUSE to grow while still keeping the commitment we made in 2005
to limit price increases on current collections to no more than 6%. The
Premium Collection is expected to offer subscribers content from well
over 30 new journal titles, in addition to all current MUSE content,
and have a list price of less than $25,000. As negotiations with new
publishers are still being finalized, we will not be able to announce
final pricing for the Premium Collection until September 1. Please
check the web site periodically for updates to prices and titles for
this collection.

Concurrently, we are changing the name of the current “Full Collection”
to the “Standard Collection.” For 2006, the Standard Collection
includes all content in the Full Collection, as well as a selectively
chosen set of eight new titles. Selected titles will also be added to
the Arts and Humanities Collection and Social Sciences Collection.
Please see the individual collection web pages for complete details on
title changes to current MUSE collections.

As introduced in 2005, MUSE pricing is now determined under a model
that assigns to each subscriber a pricing tier and usage quartile.
Tiers are based upon the institution’s Carnegie classification, and
should not typically change from year to year. Usage quartiles are
determined by ranking the institutions within each tier by their actual
full-text article usage in the previous subscription term (in this
case, the 2004 subscription year), and dividing into quartiles.
Subscribers that do not yet have a complete year's worth of usage data
are placed in the first quartile. Quartiles may change from year to
year. Any institution which has experience a quartile change from the
last subscription term has already been individually notified of that
change by email. Project MUSE consortium partners have also received
details regarding renewal pricing for 2006.

Project MUSE subscriptions operate on a calendar year term and all
subscriptions expire on December 31. Questions regarding Project MUSE
renewals and orders for 2006 may be directed to our Subscription
Services department at

Melanie B. Schaffner
Marketing and Sales Manager, Project MUSE
c/o The Johns Hopkins University Press
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Baltimore, MD 21218 USA
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