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Re: Vendors who handle Annual Reports Dan Lester (03 Aug 2005 01:50 UTC)

Re: Vendors who handle Annual Reports Dan Lester 03 Aug 2005 01:50 UTC

Monday, July 25, 2005, 2:16:20 PM, you wrote:

BB> We are trying to find out if anyone knows of a
BB> vendor that manages Annual Reports. Ebsco doesn't
BB> handle many because most are free reports and they
BB> couldn't charge a service fee for a free report.
BB> This was Ebsco's reply. Does anyone know of any
BB> vendor that will provide this service for a fee?

In this day and age I'd suggest that no library needs to collect paper
annual reports of Fortune 500 companies, as they're all on their
websites.  (No, I've not personally checked them all, but we checked a
great many)  We used to have fourteen full legal size cabinets (4
drawers each) containing the last five years of annual reports.  Other
than ones of companies with a local business presence, which went to
Special Collections, the rest all went to the recycler.  We've freed a
great deal of room and hassle in the last six months.


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