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Re: Determining Electronic Availaibility of Journal Titles in Databases Biserka Mrzljak (16 Aug 2005 18:54 UTC)

Re: Determining Electronic Availaibility of Journal Titles in Databases Biserka Mrzljak 16 Aug 2005 18:54 UTC

On what basis did you pick  up these 300 journals? Are they already in
some database or are they print ones in your library?  You might want to
refer to Mark Jordan, from Simon Fraser University. He is
involved with CUFTS, open source link resolver, which deals with online
management tools.  Here i the CUFTS link to see if it meets your needs:

I hope that Mark does not mind my promotion, although I have never met
him. When we are under pressure we have downloaded  brief  CUFTS records
for various databases and via review files in Innopac Millenium
converted them to excel file, sorted them by ISSN or title in order to
find duplicates. Possibly there are also some other methods.

Biserka Mrzljak
Cataloguing Librarian Liaison for Serials
Western Libraries,
University of Western Ontario,
London, Ont.
519 661-2111 x 84791 or 84829

Barbara Blummer wrote:

> Please excuse the cross posting
> I am trying to determine the availability of electronic versions of a
> number journal titles (300) as well as which databases provide access
> to the full text of these journals. Any ideas on how to approach this
> would be greatly appreciated. We are attempting to evaluate
> duplication in our print and electronic journal collections and many
> of the latter we receive through aggregators. Do we need to check each
> aggregator for availability or is there a central index with
> information on location of full text electronic journals in databases?
> Thanks in advance. I truly appreciate your response, as I'm not quite
> sure how to approach this.
> Barbara Blummer
> Center for Computing Sciences