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Re: Combining materials acquisitions and cataloging depts. Dan Lester (18 Aug 2005 18:19 UTC)

Re: Combining materials acquisitions and cataloging depts. Dan Lester 18 Aug 2005 18:19 UTC

Friday, August 12, 2005, 1:47:02 PM, you wrote:

KC> I suppose whatever title we use, no one really knows what it means outside
KC> of the library.  Our combined Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Preservation
KC> unit is called Information Resources Management  (a bit of a mouthful).  It
KC> includes both print and non-print.  At library functions, I end up saying
KC> Tech Services, and outside the library I still have to explain that doesn't
KC> include overseeing the computers in the library.  I king of like the
KC> brevity of saying Bibliographic Services.  And even though no one outside
KC> the library would know what it means, at least they won't confuse you with
KC> someone else!

I agree completely that you should name it whatever makes y'all happy.
I've worked in libraries where we had   Bibliographic Services  and
the users thought it meant we'd prepare bibliographies for them.  It
also got referred to as the BS Department, naturally.  In another we
had   Bibliographic Control   and some thought that meant they were
what many would call   Circulation, since it was in control of the

My current title is   Network Information Coordinator and Professor.

All guess as to what the heck that means can be sent to me privately
so as not to clutter up the group.  I know what it means and my boss
does, so I guess that is what counts.


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