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Re: Technical services areas on public floor maps Hardy, Elaine 19 Aug 2005 18:52 UTC

This is only peripherally related, but since it is Friday -- one of the
public libraries here in Georgia was forced by their county to use an
architect that had never worked with libraries and was unfamiliar with
any library operation. They were also not allowed to be fully involved
in the design process. The library submitted information to the firm
concerning the basics of what they needed in the new building but were
not given access to the full plans prior to construction. After
construction was to full along to change much, the library director went
into the designated technical services area and found air conditioner
components and other physical plant machinery installed in the middle of
the room.

The technical services staff ended up in what I understand was supposed
to be a large closet -- an area smaller than the one they had in the old
building. And that was not the only thing catastrophically wrong - they
had to renovate the building before the library could occupy it.


J. Elaine Hardy

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Hi all,

In your libraries, do you label the technical services areas on the

public floor maps/guides that users use to get where they want to go?

If so, what labels do you use (Technical Services? Acquisitions &

Cataloging?)?  If not, why not?

Thanks in advance!

Buddy Pennington

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