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Circulation of Periodicals (fwd) SERIALST Moderator 01 Nov 2005 15:16 UTC

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Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 09:34:18 -0500
From: Ian Woodward <>
Subject: FW: [SERIALST] Circulation of Periodicals (8 messages)

At Colgate we are under extenuating circumstances in that we are
renovating and adding onto our library.  The library has moved out to
various buildings on campus and the collection including periodicals is
in an automated storage and retrieval system.  The building that the
circulation department is in no longer has security gates, therefore we
had no way to keep the periodicals confined to a research area.  Patrons
request books on-line and they are delivered to the circulation desk for

During this phase, any journals that we owned that are not on host
databases were placed in the storage system.  We allow periodicals to
circulate to all students for 24 hours.  Fines are steep - $1.00 per
hour for overdues.  We have encouraged the students to make copies of
the articles they need and return the journal promptly.  The 24 hours
has caused a problem with students as they return items late and have
been faced with large fines and we of course deal with the complaints.
Faculty get 3 days.  When we operated out of our old building, the
periodicals did not circulate at all, except faculty can take them out
for 2 days only.  So far since June we have not had any problem with
students not returning the periodicals.  Over the years there is a
problem with the faculty.  They have kept the journals for extended
periods of time, or have not returned them at all.

It will be 2 years before we return, but because of the expense of
replacement I believe we would continue with the non-circulating

Karen Austin
Circulation/ILL Lending Supervisor
Colgate University
Case Library
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY  13346
315 228-7301

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Subject: FW: [SERIALST] Circulation of Periodicals (8 messages)


I.  Woodward
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Date:         Wed, 19 Oct 2005 13:52:41 -0500
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From:         Sarah Sanford <ssanford@GUSTAVUS.EDU>
Subject:      Circulation of Periodicals

>Hello all!
>I am new to the serial listserv, so please excuse my inquiry if it is
>repetitive. I am researching which libraries circulate their
>periodicals collection, what the loan period is, etc., in hopes to
>reconsider the decision NOT to circulate periodicals. For those
>institutions that do not circulate periodicals, please provide a brief
>explanation or basis for that decision.
>Thank you!
>Sarah Sanford
>Serials Manager
>Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library
>Gustavus Adolphus College
>St. Peter, MN 56082
>Phone: 507-933-7562
>Fax: 507-933-6292