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CDC newsletter: NCID Focus? Lucy Wrightington (01 Nov 2005 15:39 UTC)

CDC newsletter: NCID Focus? Lucy Wrightington 01 Nov 2005 15:39 UTC

Can someone give me any information about the publication we have
cataloged under the title CDC/NCID Focus (OCLC #32593016)?
There seem to also be other records under NCID Focus (which is the title
now on the front page)
and also CDC Focus.
We receive it only now and then, and I'm trying to determine which issues
we are missing or whether
or not it is even still being published.  We haven't received any in quite
some time.
The only link I found for the newsletter says "this page is not currently
Thanks for any information.

Lucy Wrightington, Librarian
Dickerman Library
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New York State Department of Health
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