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Re: journals sorted by political slant David Brautigam 04 Nov 2005 15:09 UTC

Hello, Julia -
		Funny you should mention that.........  A long time ago (i.e., back in the nineteen seventies) our periodical librarian devised such a list, mostly for her own and her assistant's use although she did share it with me and maybe some of the other librarians then on Reference duty.  I probably have a copy yet, although 'twould be much outdated. Nevertheless your inquiry brings back some happy memories.

							-  David Brautigam
							   Periodicals/Science Libn.
							   Westminster College
							   New Wilmington, PA

>>> Julia.Todd@BAKERU.EDU 11/3/2005 6:10 PM >>>

Does anyone know of or has anyone created a list of policy oriented
journals subdivided by political affiliation? I know that the reference
book Magazines for Libraries annotates journals and describes biases
here, but I wondered if anyone on this listserv has created a public
policy research guide that instead of dividing periodicals by scholarly,
popular, and trade, divided by political slant, left-wing, right-wing,

Just curious.

Julia Todd
Electronic Services Librarian
Baker University
Baldwin City, KS 66006