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Last call: ERM study McGranahan, Jamen 05 Nov 2005 18:49 UTC

Hope everyone's November has started out well!  I thank all of you who have
already responded to my request for your participation in my resource
management study.  To date, I have received 95 unique responses to my survey
to date (as of 11:45 CDT Saturday morning) and I thank all of you who have
taken the time to fill out the form!  I have also received 22 individual
responses for information about my findings and I thank all of you for your
interest.  My goal is to have data from 100 libraries, which means I need at
least another 5 responses.  Would you mind taking a few minutes to fill this
out?  What I am researching is how libraries manage all of the license
agreements involved with the various resources we subscribe to.  This would
include public access resources such as online databases and encyclopedias
as well as in-house resources, such as the library automation system, OCLC,
etc.  I realize some automation systems have a module for managing this type
of information.  However, sometimes it is too pricy for libraries to add
this resource, so how are you keeping track of contact information,
subscription dates, license agreements, etc.?  I have created a brief 1-page
form which should take less than 15 minutes to complete.  I ask for your
help in this project.  If you want, I can keep you informed of what I
discover.  Thank you for your time!

Jamen McGranahan
Systems Services Librarian
Waggoner Library/Trevecca Nazarene University
333 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN  37210
(p) 615.248.7732
(f) 615.248.1471