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ISSN question Nancy Chaffin 16 Nov 2005 21:43 UTC

Hello all,

Perhaps I missed something on the discussion lists, but here is my

I am finding records in OCLC for print serials that have long ago
ceased, but there are ISSNs in the record in a subfield a.

Example: OCLC record # 1480181
022 0  1547-6154
245 04 The American journal of police science
362 0  Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan.-Feb. 1930)-v. 3, no. 2 (Mar.-Apr. 1932).

Clearly the print issues for this title were never printed with an ISSN.

However, this record includes (secondary) information about the
electronic version of this title available through JSTOR (to which my
library subscribes) and HeinOnline (to which we have no access).

It has been my (mistaken?) understand that JSTOR had requested ISSNs
retrospectively for the titles they were scanning and putting online; if
so, wouldn't the ISSN be the e-ISSN, not the print ISSN?

The OCLC record for the electronic version of this title (an aggregator
neutral record reflecting availability through both JSTOR and
HeinOnline) includes the ISSN above, but in a subfield y. (OCLC record #

Incidently, both of these are ELvl [blank] records. The one for the
print is 042 lc $a nsdp and the electronic is 042 lc.

I've checked the ISSN site at, but other than stating that each
format should have its own ISSN (which seems to fly in the face of the
records above), I couldn't find any information re: what I've been
seeing. Is there some statement or public policy someone on SERIALST can
point me to explaining how the ISSNs are assigned to these older



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