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Vendor problem Cynthia Swope 17 Nov 2005 15:03 UTC

Last week I received a letter from Central Transport Company informing
me that they had exhausted their means of collecting shipping fees from
Alfred Jaeger, Inc. and, according to ICC rules and regulations, fees
could be reversed to my library.

If you are not familiar with Jaeger, they are a back issue supplier who
will accept back issues for a credit and according to their web site,
will "absorb all shipping costs.  Motor Freight are sent collect."  The
collection notice was from a shipment sent by my library to Jaeger on
Sept. 2004 and the shipping costs were nearly $500.

Neither my calls nor the library's account manager's calls have been

Has anyone else run into this?

Cindy Swope
Himmelfarb Library
George Washington University