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Re: Automated usage statistic collection Pennington, Buddy D. 17 Nov 2005 14:58 UTC

Serials Solutions' ERMS product also holds the promise of eventually
automating the collection process.  The difficulty is that vendors count
things differently.  Hopefully the increasing adoption of the COUNTER
standard for statistics reporting will make it easier for ERM vendors to
develop functions that will automate the collection and reporting
process.  Of course we'll have to pay for it, but it seems to me to be
something well worth the price.

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We had periodical usage statistics (in-house and circulation) on our old
system.  We theoretically have them in the new system, but won't be able
to run reports for them until next year.  It would seem to me that this
would be a part of every ILS.


"Yoon, Sunny" wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have received many requests from people on this list regarding
> responses to my original query whether anyone knew of technologies
> available to automate the process of usage statistics collection.
> Unfortunately, none seems available currently, and I have not had any
> responses regarding this post.
> However, one of the promised features on Endeavor's Meridian ERM
> involves usage statistics, so I am sure this is something that the
> commercial vendors are hoping to facilitate (for a price).  I will be
> happy to post something if I hear any new information in the future.
> Regards,
> Sunny
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