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100 years of biosciences research captured in digital archive Adam Marshall 28 Feb 2006 16:02 UTC

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100 years of biosciences research captured in digital archive

In celebration of the centenary in 2006 of the Biochemical Journal,
Professor Sir Philip Cohen, President of the Biochemical Society in 2006,
presented a copy of the digital archive to Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive
of the British Library at a ceremony in the British Library’s Auditorium in
the presence of more than 100 invited VIPs from the world of biosciences.

“A significant and major new body of scientific literature will be freely
available on the internet for the first time”, says Rhonda Oliver, Group
Head of Publishing. “The archive will provide a unique and invaluable
historic archive which will provide fascinating insights for the modern
researcher and have important implications for the learning and teaching

Digitization of the archive has been made possible by funding from The
Wellcome Trust, in partnership with JISC.

The digital archive of over 340,000 pages from 1906 to 2005 will be
accessed free on the web via ( which currently
receives around 5 million page views per annum. It will also be hosted in
perpetuity by PubMedCentral as part of the arrangement with The Wellcome
Trust and JISC.

Libraries can also choose to manage their own research preservation and
electronic archive to maintain and ensure the future integrity of this
data. Libraries will be able to locally load the complete back archive by
purchasing the archive in a physical format.

For further information contact Adam Marshall, Portland Press Ltd