Re: ISSN for "Critical Studies in Media Communication" Steven C Shadle 14 Feb 2006 16:07 UTC

chris -- Somneone from NSDP can correct me if I'm wrong, but when I worked there, 012 |m y  indicates that the publisher was informed they were using an incorrect ISSN at the time their second-class mailing permit was renewed.

If you have a recent issue in hand, you might consider providing NSDP with the contact information so they can (again) give the publisher the current ISSN.

Hope this helps.

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On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Chris Blackman wrote:

> On updating my local print record for this title I was surprised to see that
> the journal, which started this new title in 2000, is still using the ISSN for
> the previous title "Critical Studies in Mass Communication."  I couldn't find
> the correct new ISSN anywhere, either on the print issue or on the journal
> information Web page.  This leads me to wonder a what the procedures are for
> notifying a publisher that they should be using a new ISSN.  Can anyone at the
> ISSN center or a CONSER library elaborate on this?
> This is the longest period of time that I have ever noticed a journal continue
> to use the old ISSN.  I was always a little bothered by the lag time because of
> the confusion with citations, but usually publishers caught up within an issue
> or two.  However, now with the prevalence of electronic indexes and abstracts
> (which generally rely on the print ISSN rather than the e-ISSN), MARC record
> services, and article linkers, this kind of mistake has caused us to
> effectively lose access to 5 years of information.
> ISSNs should be (from CONSER records validated by NSDP):
> Critical Studies in Media Communication, ISSN 1529-5036 (print)
> Critical Studies in Mass Communication, ISSN 0739-3180 (print)
> Thanks,
> Chris
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